Vision Statement

“Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church is dedicated to prayer, reaching out and growing people in the faith through loving relationships.”

Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church is dedicated to prayer. We are a group of disciples who believes that “prayer is not an attachment to a life lived for God–it is the center of a life lived with God.”1 Thus, we seek to “pray without ceasing.”2 We pray together in Sunday worship. We pray alone in our homes, cars and grocery stores. We join together in small groups for moments of scheduled prayer. And, we rejoice when the Holy Spirit prompts us to gather in times of spontaneous, unplanned prayer. We pray at all times aspiring to have our hearts bent to the Lord’s will, even when our knees are not.

In prayer we know God better through speaking, listening and spending time with Him. We are guided to “do nothing out of selfish ambition, but in humility consider others better than ourselves.”3 We hear soft whispers which guide us to make decisions in accordance with the Lord’s will and we feel gentle nudges which move us to sacrificial acts of love. Because of prayer we see God work in natural and supernatural ways. We witness answered prayer and we become answers to prayer. Through prayer, we are united with every follower of Jesus and with every broken soul who desires the presence and peace of God.

Fredericksburg Presbyterian church is dedicated to reaching out. As the Lord reaches out to us, we reach out to others. As He sent Himself to us in love, He sends us to others in love.4 In being sent, we participate in Jesus’ Great Co-mission to bring those people who are lost and separated from Him into His family. We have been blessed to experience and bear witness to the power of His life-changing love and grace. With that blessing comes the responsibility, as individuals and as the church, to “go and make disciples.”5

As individuals, we understand that God does not call us to reach the entire world with His love; He calls us to reach our worlds. We are especially sensitive to those people that we regularly come into contact with–family members, friends, co-workers and schoolmates–who do not know Christ or who have been separated from His family. We seek to reach out to them recognizing that there are key moments in their lives when the Holy Spirit makes them particularly receptive to God’s love and grace. Through vigilant prayer we are sensitive to these moments and make extra efforts to reach out with natural expressions of God’s love in word and deed. We rejoice when, through prayer and bold actions of faith, we see family and friends receive a fresh outpouring of His love and mercy. We stand in awe of their new found joy and hope. And, we stand in awe of the Savior who made abundant earthly life and free eternal life possible for us and our loved ones.

As a church, we encourage and equip individual members to reach out to their family and friends. We hold each other accountable to be active participants in Jesus’ disciple-making mission and we help grow new disciples in the faith. We reach out both far and near to share God’s love and grace. Believing that the good news of Jesus travels in the words and actions of His people, we support outreach efforts which meet human and spiritual needs through acts of mercy, proclaim the Gospel and build relationships with those outside God’s family. Guided by the Holy Spirit and working together, we transform our community with tangible expressions of God’s love. Because of the difference that we make in our community, the people of Fredericksburg celebrate the fact that our church loves Jesus and loves them.

Fredericksburg Presbyterian Church is dedicated to growing people in the faith through loving relationships. We are a down to earth, family-like congregation who enjoys each other’s company. We fellowship together, we have fun together and, most importantly, we mature in our faith together! We believe large group worship and small group fellowship are vital to building deep relationships and deeper faith.

Sunday morning large group worship is the primary expression of who we are as a people. In worship, we experience the presence of the Living God. We are comforted by His peace and challenged by His call. At times, our communion with the Creator is so profound that it defies adequate explanation. At other times, our camaraderie with Christ and our fellow Christians is so sweet that we can do nothing but smile and laugh. Our worship style is traditional, but casual, and our worship service is a place where people from all walks of life can come without fear of judgment to be “at home” in the presence of the Lord.

In the fellowship and study of small groups we learn from each other and God’s Word in ways that enable us to live God’s will. We share more than handshakes and hugs. We share our lives with one another. We trust one another with our greatest joys and sorrows. And, we provide mutual support, encouragement and accountability in times of physical, emotional, relational and spiritual need.

(Sources: 1Robert Benson, 21 Thess. 5:17, 3Phil. 2:3, 4John 20:21, 5Matt. 28:19)